Our products, solutions and services help ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations across the metal industry, while our team of technologists are always working on the latest solutions to help take the industry to the next level. Our proven and technologically advanced products and its wide spectrum of applications right from Mining , Raw Material Handling, customised and proven technologies for process weigh applications in Pellet making, Sinter making, Plate Mills, Rolling Mills, Blast Furnaces, Melting Shops, Bar Mills, Coal Mills, Coke Ovens, Material balancing etc offers optimum production and ensures perfect solutions Achieving homogeneity in your kiln feed is vital. Acme has the right solutions….. Dependability. Reliability. Stability, Quality…… Everything counts with high quality steel making.

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Apron Weigh Feeder

ACME reinvents Hot Sinter/DRI dosing with new generation heavy duty Apron Weigh Feeder

Belt Feeder

Robust Belt Feeders that deliver a high-quality performance and long life by operating with efficiency and ease

Belt Weigh Feeder

Autoweigh BWF is a belt weigh feeder with smart dosing control for continuous gravimetric dosing of all bulk materials. Provides High flexibility. High performance and Easy integration with supervisory automation systems

Belt Weigh Scale

Acme's AWBS series conveyor belt scales are custom-integrated to suit your conveyor. From logistics and warehousing to mining and industrial applications, Acme provides conveyor belt scales for a wide range of needs.

Silo/Bin Weighing

AHW series Silo/Bin weighing systems offer an accurate measurement of material stored. Specially designed load cell modules offer long term reliable performance. System offers wide ranging interface options with customer PLC/DCS

Loss In Weight Feeder

Autoweigh LIW is a Loss In weight feeder with smart dosing control for continuous gravimetric dosing of all powdered materials which provides High flexibility. High performance. Easy integration. Motorised agitators and Bin aeration systems ensure smooth material flow

Truck Scales

AWB series Vehicle scales are ideal partner for all industries by accurately recording the incoming and outgoing materials. From logistics and warehousing to mining and Bulk loading areas, Acme provides Vehicle Scales for a wide range of needs.

Unmanned Weigh Bridge

AWB series Mines Vehicle Scale systems offer an accurate measurement of raw material transferred from mines. Fully automated unmanned weigh bridges offer a trouble free dependable solution for huge volume of transactions

Static Rail Weigh Bridge

Acme’s AWB series Train scale is ideal for Bulk loading of finished goods in wagons while doing commercial transactions. Optional position control and traffic signals ensure fail safe operation of material loading with accuracy and efficiency

Bloom Weighing Scale

Acme’s APS series heavy duty Bloom weighing scale is an essential part of Caster/Mills for ensuring accurate weighing of slabs/Blooms made by caster. Rugged system offers online weighing of slabs/blooms and create log report with heat no., weight, time etc.

Vibro Feeders

AVF series Electro Mechanical Vibro feeder is an ideal extraction/conveying equipment for bulk materials. They can handle the largest quantities of materials and convey them to downstream process. Driven by robust unbalanced motors, they are specially adapted to the widest range of requirements.

Bulker Loading System

Acme’s AWB series vehicle scale with automated filling control is ideal for Bulk loading of cement/clinker in trucks/wagons. Accurate position control and traffic signals ensure fail safe operation of material loading with accuracy and efficiency

Online Batch Weighing System

Raw material blending in batch process is a very critical application in steel industries for which Acme has a proven solution. High precision bin weighing systems along with feed control equipments like sector gates, Vibro feeders etc are available from Acme’s product portfolio.

Additive Dosing System

AHW series additive dosing system is an ideal equipment for controlled dosing of additive solids in powder form. Custom designed to suit the material handles, these equipments handle very low quantity additives with high precision. Equipment available in Gravimetric and Volumetric versions.

BLT Bin Weighing System

One of the critical weighing applications in steel making in Blast Furnaces. Acme has proven solutions for BLT(Bell Less Top Furnace Bin) weighing where the Bin weight is to be accurately measured and compensated for the variations in furnace top pressure.

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