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Weighing Modules

Our product range includes a wide range of Weighing Modules such as Load Cells, Load Cell Mounting Assemblies and Weight Indicators


Load Cells
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A load cell is a transducer that is used to create an electrical signal whose magnitude is directly proportional to the force being measured. The various types of load cells include hydraulic load cells, pneumatic load cells and strain gauge load cells.


  • High quality, stainless steel Load cells for wide range of applications.
  • Suitable for Truck weighing, Silo weighing, Tank Weighing, Bin Weighing, Hopper weighing, Vessel weighing etc.
  • OIML class, IP 68 protection, In-Built Surge Protection.
  • Mounting assembly with Lift off prevention and Self-aligning features.
  • Various models available from 2.5T to 600T.

Load Cell Mounting Assemblies

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Load cell mounting assemblies offer big advantages in their ease of installation, moderate cost, and design flexibility. For a relatively small initial investment, a hand-fed or manually controlled blending operation can be converted into a profit producer with lower operating costs, more precise control of costly ingredients, and enhanced product quality.


  • Self Centering Column Design with Anti-Rotation Pin
  • Load Cell Replacement requires minimum lifting height.
  • Integrated Lift Off Prevention.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Allows Thermal Expansion and Contraction.
Weight Indicators
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Weight Indicator is a system of indication or recording of the selector type or one that advances intermittently in which all values are presented digitally, or in numbers. In a digital indicating or recording element, or in digital representation, there are no graduations. This system gives high precision of accuracy and is also very easy to install and use.


  • Wide range of Weight Indicators to suit every application.
  • High Internal resolution up to 10000 counts.
  • High-resolution display mode.
  • Wide range of Communication Ports.
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