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Material Handling Systems

Providing you the best range of Material Handling Systems such as Screw Feeders, Belt Feeders, Gates and Electromechanical Vibro Feeders with effective & timely delivery.


Screw Feeders
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Screw Feeders are suitable for the tasks of elevating, distributing and retrieving a remarkably broad range of bulk material. Requiring minimal floor space, these screw feeders are ideal for elevating highly abrasive material without causing any damage.


  • Ensures Controlled transfer of powdery, flushy material
  • Designed for variable speed operations.
  • Controlled thru advanced sensorless vector controlled digital devices.
  • Direct shaft drive.
  • System accuracy better than +/- 2% on FS.

Belt Feeders

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Belt Feeder is an equipment which is used for extracting bulk materials from under a dump hopper or regulating feed to a crusher or screen. Belt Feeders can provide volumetric feed and even metering to prevent flooding.


  • Designed for continuous dosing of powdery material.
  • Controls feeding by regulating speed of discharge device.
  • As per latest IRC standards. .
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The Gates has brought a revolution in the packaging industry. The gates help to automatically measure and control the amount of material to be discharged. Due to its high accuracy level and the ability to work in tough condition it is widely used in all types of industries.


  • Measures and control the amount of discharged material.
  • Maintains high accuracy of discharge level.
  • Slide gates and Sector gates available.
  • Available in Manual, Motorized and Pneumatic Models.
  • Handles free flow, sticky, cohesive, rusty, dusty, corrosive, explosive, abrasive, explosive, toxic materials.
Electromechanical Vibro Feeders
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Electromechanical Vibro Feeder utilizes twin rotary electric vibrator drives which are available in four speeds for medium to heavy-duty applications. These drives all produce a linear motion that provides smooth, uniform, volumetric flow which is fully adjustable. Units are mounted horizontally, requiring no gravitational assistance for product conveying.


  • Sturdy, Robust Design.
  • Transfer massive/granular material from storage bunker to the destination.
  • Available in Floor mounted, Trolley mounted, Suspended models.
  • High quality, Sturdy Vibrating motors.
  • Simple structure, even feeding, steady vibration.
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